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What you will do with Experience Gaelic Games

Experience the wonder of Ireland’s greatest and most unique modern cultural activity – Gaelic Games.

  • We will give you a chance to play games whose history extends back over 3,000 years into an ancient Irish civilisation. These are some of the oldest games in the world; they’re also great fun for people of all ages.
  • Our sessions are ideal for small and large groups and if you are an independent traveller we will attempt to find a group for you to join.
  • We accept group bookings of all sizes and will set up specially-designed sessions to meet your needs. From tour companies to student groups, from travelling sports teams (rugby, soccer, golf etc.) to stag and hen parties, this is the perfect way to do something entirely different with your time in Ireland.
  • Experience Gaelic Games is all about your participation regardless of age, gender or skill level.  The fun is to see how well you can master a new sport.
  • Before your session, you will be given an audio-visual introduction to Gaelic Games and to how the games are played.
  • After this briefing, the real fun begins. You will be brought by our trained coaches to learn the basic skills of the ancient stick and ball game of Hurling, and the simplicity and speed of Gaelic Football.
  • In one session, you’ll understand why Gaelic Games grip the Irish nation every summer, why every parish in Ireland has its own GAA club, and why Gaelic games – more than anything else – explains what it is to be Irish.
  • Your Day to Play is the first day of the rest of your life as a lover of Gaelic Games.

Your Experience awaits you – don’t leave Ireland without it. Contact Sports Tours Ireland for more details on how to Book!