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Organising a trip to Ireland for your College or Sports Club but you want to do something genuinely different and uniquely Irish.

Well look no further than Experience Gaelic Games, which will provide your college or group with a day out (or a half-day if you wish) that is not only enormously entertaining but will give you a great appreciation of Ireland’s thrilling national sports of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Handball.

Gaelic Games are as much a part of Irish life as our famed love of talking, singing and generally seizing any opportunity to have a ‘bit of craic’!

In fact, at EGG, you’ve even get the opportunity to learn a little Irish traditional music and to demonstrate your dancing prowess when we teach you the basics of Irish dancing!

Every group who have participated in these have raved about the enormous fun they had. In fact the entire day is so enjoyable your college or group will be talking about it for years to come and will probably want to come back again next year!

A visit to EGG can begin with a trip to Croke Park, the world’s largest amateur stadium and the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Here you will be given a fascinating tour of the GAA Museum and the stadium and learn how Gaelic Games have played a vital role in Irish culture for centuries.
Then it’s back to base at ‘Na Fianna’ Gaelic Club where our expert staff will explain a little about playing our unique Gaelic sports. This introductory chat will include video footage and our friendly staff will chat to the group about the games they generally like to play or watch.

We’ll then take you outside and teach your group the basics of Gaelic football, hurling and handball. A highly experienced coach will be assigned to each group of ten and at each step along the way our trainers will provide guidance for the players with their own friendly and individual styles.

Our trainers are excellent with people, are passionate about what they do and will take time and effort with every participant. It is important to remember that none of the group need be particularly sporty – the emphasis at EGG is always on the fun of participating with your friends and colleagues.

We will then organise mini-matches where you’ll get to show off the skills you’ve learned and have great craic doing it! These games are designed to be fun, non-contact events that provide every participant not only with an appreciation of Gaelic games but with a huge amount of laughs.

Water provided throughout the session and we’ll supply all the equipment you’ll need including footballs, hurls, helmets, sliothars etc etc.

All you need to bring along are a pair of flat-soled shoes and a lot of enthusiasm. Changing and shower facilities are provided at Na Fianna Gaelic Club, although you will need to supply your own towel. (EGG is accredited by the GAA and we are fully insured.)

With the games complete, we’ll take you back indoors for a genuine Irish music session where you’ll learn how to handle a bodhran – this is an ancient Irish percussion instrument that helps put the beat into the rhythms of Irish traditional music. It is simple to learn the basics and once again, great craic to experience. Continuing the music theme, you’ll then get to take part in another ‘team event’ – Irish dancing! This is among the most popular of the day’s activities as so much enjoyment is had by all as the individual members of the group try to keep in step with their friends and colleagues.

So this year why not make your college trip one to remember with a day out that is not only genuinely, uniquely Irish, but will also be one of the most entertaining, hilarity-filled experiences of your visit to Ireland?

Option 1: At Na Fianna Club in Dublin.

This includes 3 to 4 hours of activity, 3 sports of Hurling, Football and Handball. All equipment, facilities, coaching staff provided etc.

Cost: €25 pp (student rate) and €30pp for adults

To book this package contact Sports Tours Ireland

Option 2 – As above, plus Croke Park Museum

This would involve about 2 hours with us at Na Fianna, we would then have a break after which we would proceed to Croke Park, which is a 15 minute walk away).  At Croke Park the group will take part in a Museum and Stadium Tour, which will take a further two hours. Total time for this option is 5 hours approximately.
(See www.crokepark.ie/gaa-museumfor more details.

Cost: €25 pp student rate and €30 pp adult.

To book this package contact Sports Tours Ireland

Option 3: At Na Fianna Club in Dublin

Full day session at Experience Gaelic Games – games or games and dance

Cost €45 per student or €50 per adult

To book this package contact Sports Tours Ireland

Option 4:  Ceilí Dance

If you’re not the sporty type but would like to try your hand (or feet) at an Irish Dancin session, we can provide these at our Dublin base in Glasnevin, not far from central Dublin or if you prefer at your hotel base.

Cost: €10 per person for an hour and a half dance fest.

Or we can come to you – wherever you’re staying and do a session there – if this is possible with your accommodation provider the rate is €8 per person for groups of 20 or more.

To book this package contact Sports Tours Ireland

Special offer

If you are a group of 25 or more and make a booking with us before June 2012, we are happy to offer your group a 10% discount on any of the above offers.

To book this package contact Sports Tours Ireland
Are you the co-ordinator for an International School,College or Sports Group and want to organise something different for you students to experience?