Terms and Conditions

All booking confirmations for tours with Sports Tours Ireland are issued and supplied subject to the following terms and conditions and to any and all terms and conditions under which accommodation and other third party services are provided.

1. Travel to Ireland
Sports Tours Ireland will not book your travel arrangements for getting to Ireland.
We require that you notify us in a timely fashion in writing or by email about any changes to your arrival or departure times which are made subsequent to confirmation of your reservation with us. We cannot be responsible for any cancellations of all or part of your tour or for any delays or expenses which arise as a result of such alterations in arrival or departure times or of a guest’s failure to notify us of such changes.

Sports Tours Ireland is not responsible for any cancellations of all or part of a tour, or for portions of a tour which are missed, arising from delay or cancellation of flights or for any expenses which arise as a result of such alterations.

2. Accommodation
Sports Tours Ireland will endeavour to book the accommodations you have requested but will offer an alternative of the same standard as close as possible to the location requested if your first choice is not available.
Once accommodation reservations are confirmed, the cancellation policies of the various hotels will apply.

3. Payment Schedule

  • No booking is confirmed until Sports Tours Ireland has received a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the tour.
  • Provisional bookings are assumed to have been cancelled unless deposits are received within 21 days of the booking.
  • The balance of the total tour cost is due no less than 30 days before commencement of tour. Failure to pay this balance will be interpreted as a cancellation of the tour.
  • All Prices are quoted in Euro. Payment can be made by bank draft, wire transfer or by Transfermate.
  • Some Hotels, Hostels or property management companies may require to duplicate a credit card of one of the group as a security measure against any damage that may be caused during your stay.

4. Cancellations Policy

  • Sports Tours Ireland will refund  50% of the deposit if the tour is cancelled not less than 30 days before the date on which it was due to commence.
  • Cancellations between 7 and 30 days from the booked date of commencement will not receive any refund of the deposit but any monies paid in addition to the deposit, if any, will be refunded in full.
  • Late Cancellations: Tours cancelled less that 7 days before the date of commencement will not receive any refund. However if another tour is booked within 12 months of the cancelled tour we will will allow 75% of the forfeited money to be used for this booking.
  • Tours cancelled after the commencement of a tour will receive no refund.

5. Insurance and Responsibility

Sports Tours Ireland is not responsible for any personal injury, property damage or loss a guest incurs arising from acts or omissions by any hotel or other organization. Sports Tours Ireland accepts no responsibility for cancellations of or interruptions to a tour due to delay or changes in schedules, flight cancellations, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, mechanical breakdowns, the actions of any government, weather, acts of God or circumstances beyond its control or for expenses or losses incurred as a result of any such circumstances.

To guard against such unforeseen circumstances, we very strongly recommend you purchase a travel insurance plan before you travel to Ireland.
All tour participants are fully insured as passengers in any of the vehicles used for transport as part of our tours. We are not responsible for insurance on other means of transport that may be adopted independent of the tour.

7. General Conditions
Tour Membership: To ensure that our guests have an enjoyable and stress free vacation we reserve the right to remove from a group tour any person whose conduct is incompatible with the enjoyment of the rest of the group.

Disabled Travelers: Our vehicles are not equipped with wheelchair ramps and tour members must be able to negotiated 1 to 3 steps to gain access to vehicles. Where possible we will provide assistance for accessing the sights we visit, accommodation, getting on/off vehicles or other general needs. However all guests who need assistance with mobility must be accompanied by a qualified travel companion. Any disability that requires special arrangements must be brought to our attention at the time your tour is booked. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate disabled tour participants but we are not responsible for the facilities or actions of any of our suppliers.

What is NOT Included: Expenses such as room service in hotels, beverages, telephone charges, laundry, special food requests and any meal, accommodation or visits not specified as being prepaid on the tour itinerary are not included and must be paid for by guests. Tips for staff in hotels, restaurants etc and to the tour driver/escort are not included in the tour cost and are left to your discretion.

Rates: Rates are as notified to prospective guests in this website or in personal communications whether by phone, fax, email or postal mail.  Sports Tours Ireland reserves the right to alter prices at any time prior to departure if circumstances outside of our control so warrant, though we will only do this in exceptional circumstances.

Law: Bookings made  with Sports Tours Ireland are subject  to Irish Law and Jurisdiction and, where tours include a portion in the six counties of Northern Ireland, to British Law and Jurisdiction.