Tour Operators/Travel Agents

Many tour operators and travel agents would like to market Ireland to their existing and potential clients but face the following problems.

  1. They have very little knowledge of Ireland as a destination and how best to plan a tour for here.
  2. They do not have the contacts within the hotel, transport, hospitality, and sporting sectors in Ireland.
  3. The amount of administration and resources it would take to plan and run a tour by themselves that would properly serve their clients would make Ireland unviable as a destination and they would most likely go back to a destination they were more familiar with.
  4. The cost of traveling themselves or sending a member of their own staff with the group on the tour adds on a huge cost and in the case of the owner traveling takes them away from their business for large periods of time.

Given the challenges laid out above it is imperative for companies looking to bring teams on a sports tour to Ireland to ensure that they can offer the best possible tour itineraries for their clients.

In my role I personally arrange each itinerary to suit the needs of every specific group and I provide a 24/7 point of contact with regular updates and information for the duration of your groups tour for the owner/supervisor of the travel company  that is hosting the group.

I also provide full signage and branding of your companies logo and materials during the tour so your company is at the forefront for all photos and marketing opportunities.

Contact me today to discuss how we can give  your clients the sports tour of their lives.